High-performance DNS with high availability

Guarantee the availability of your website and all your online services thanks to our DNS infrastructure and its easy and powerful zone management system. Benefit from 4 years of experience for the management of the root of your digital services, and protect your domain names.

High-performance and robust DNS thanks to Anycast and LiveDNS technology

Optimized distribution of DNS queries with Anycast

Anycast technology allows us to distribute the DNS queries around the world, and to respond to customers from the closest datacenter. Guaranteed service redundancy in order to ensure resistance to DDoS attacks, as well as the continuity of service in the event of a technical incident at a datacenter. Guaranteed low latency for your DNS traffic, and therefore for your customers, for an optimal online experience.

Do you want to add a layer of additional security to your sensitive domain names?

Thanks to the additional Premium DNS service, you benefit from the Cloudflare infrastructure, in addition to Tupoa Hosting, to ensure a better risk management and the continuity of your digital activity. The ally of your sensitive domain names!

A record propagation time with LiveDNS

Thanks to LiveDNS, our DNS management service, each modification is propagated in less than 250 ms. Ensured reactivity for the updating of your DNS. The performance of DNS is made in Tupoa Hosting, with points of presence all around the planet.